District News

At Suffern Central, we work hard to provide our students with a quality education and the resources to grow and thrive in the 21st century.  In recent years, we’ve seen a shift in the way teachers organize their classrooms and assignments. As part of these changes, we’ve introduced project-based learning opportunities that allow students to collaborate and think critically and creatively.Dr. Adams with students
This year, we are focused on enhancing technology in the classroom. We’ve replaced older computers with Chromebooks, allowing students to be mobile and integrate their traditional classroom experiences with those of the 21st century. At Suffern High School, our World Language students collaborate on assignments using the Flipgrid app. Flipgrid is a video discussion and social learning platform that allows students to have continuing discussions (in this case, in other languages) in and out of the classroom. Students with ChromebooksStudents use Flipgrid on their phone or Chromebook to showcase their vocabulary and speaking skills to teachers and peers.
In the elementary grades, a 1:1 iPad rollout is providing personal iPads for our youngest Mounties, grades K-2. This initiative makes it easier for teachers to integrate digital technology into all parts of their day and use educational apps, videos, websites, portfolio tools and much more to enhance their lessons. I see the excitement in the faces of the students as they log into their devices to launch Student using technologyvarious learning technologies.
No matter what the age, our hope and goal is for all of our students to develop and enhance their digital literacy as they move through the Suffern Central School District.  As the author George Couros wrote, “Technology will not replace great teachers, but technology in the hands of great teachers can be transformational.”