District News

If you have ever been to the District’s offices in Hillburn, you have most likely met this week’s #MountieSuperstar, John Gisonno. For the past three years, this former NYPD Detective has helped keep our offices safe and secure, while making visitors feel comfortable and welcome. A lifelong resident of Suffern, John, his wife and his children all graduated from Suffern High School and he considers the District his family. John is always willing to lend a hand or take on a task if needed, and we know we can count on him for help around the office. His professionalism and sense of humor have helped to make the District Office environment a pleasant one for visitors and employees alike.


“I think this District is great,” said John. “I’ve been fortunate to see the operations of the District from both sides, and seeing how much work and effort go into everything to make this District as outstanding as it is, is just amazing. Everyone treats each other like family and I love being able to help out where I can.”