District News

This week we highlight Suffern High School English teacher, Jessica Minick as our #MountieSuperstar! Jessica is an innovative educator who always strives to improve her craft, whether it’s through her participation in the High School’s “20 percent time” initiative, co-leading the Cambridge Global Perspectives class or joining the District’s new Project Based Learning Cohort. She is constantly working with her students to make real-world connections to the curriculum and to incorporate community-based themes into their projects.


“I love to teach because I love to learn,” said Jessica. “I know that sounds cliche, but it’s true. I’m always gaining insight from a variety of perspectives: my colleagues who possess diverse viewpoints and areas of expertise, my students who see the world through a younger set of eyes (literally and figuratively!), parents and community members who carry with them a wealth of life experience, and all the books we read and explore throughout the school year.”


Her enthusiasm for teaching English shines through whether she’s collaborating with her colleagues, sharing her love of books with students, or just talking about her classes. “In what other disciplines can I share with the next generation the beauty of William Golding’s prose, have debates on whether man is inherently good or evil, and also discuss Freud’s structure of the self and the psychology of fear, among many other things.”