District News

We are happy to announce this week’s #MountieSuperstar, Donna Lappetito. Donna is a creative and innovative art teacher at Montebello Elementary School whose lessons frequently incorporate themes including kindness and character education. She is a champion and cheerleader for Montebello and her students, constantly going above and beyond her job description. Donna has been an artist since age five and always knew she wanted to incorporate art into her career. She loves that she can think about art every day and influence young minds to be creative and confident in
their work.


“Elementary school art class is about exposing kids to any and every art medium available,” said Donna. “It’s also about instilling confidence. It’s important to foster a culture of trust in class so students feel comfortable sharing their work in groups. We want the kids to step out of their comfort zone, and create something without the fear of being judged.”


In addition to her art classes, Donna can be found teaching Food Craft to students as part of the PTA after-school club. She creates amazing bulletin boards throughout the hallways and is a source of security for the students as they arrive at school each day.


“I love working at Montebello because I love the staff and administration,” she adds. “There is a high level of support and collaboration and it makes coming to work each day engaging and fun.”