District News

The 2018 Suffern Middle School Lip Dub, produced by the Kindness Crusaders club, and supervised by teacher Nicole Tarife, is here! A lot of planning and work goes into this video, which showcases students throughout the middle school campus, singing along to popular songs with lyrics that support the mission of the club – to be kind and support fellow students. The video’s purpose is to celebrate the year and pay tribute to all the hard work and dedication students and staff put toward their academics and extracurricular activities. Here’s a link to the video:¬†https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0B9irNHR3SI&feature=youtu.be

Lip Dub credits:
Supervisor: Nicole Tarife
Assisting Supervisors: Patty Marina, Ashley Connington, and Maureen Ritter
Student Director: Amelia Villella
Directorial Staff: Kayla Cleary-Ariza, Emily Cortes, and Dorian Levitus
Choreographer: Morgan Kuss
Videographer: Max Hochberg
Video Editor: Elizabeth Pecoraro
Sound Editor: Marc Jaffee
Consultant: Paige Gilhooly
Assistant to Paige: Michael Singer
Prop Manager: Dylan Salamone