Immunizations and Medications



    If your child has only one chicken pox (varicella) vaccine, he/she will need a second to enter SMS. They must have this before the start of the school year regardless of when their well visits come due. All children entering SMS in the fall must receive a Tdap booster. If your child has already turned eleven and has had their eleven year-old check-up, you probably already have the proof required to be given to the nurse at the middle school. If your child is eleven before the summer, please make sure to send this documentation as soon as it is done. However, if your child turns eleven after the school year ends, you will need to get this information to the middle school nurses directly. All children with summer birthdays need the vaccine prior to the first day of school. Children turning eleven in the fall have only two weeks from the day of their 11th birthday to turn this information in to the nurse or they can be excluded from attending school. Please plan accordingly. All charts are sent to the middle school during the last week of school in June.

    In September 2016 a new vaccine law went into effect. All seniors are required to have had a meningoccal vaccine at age 16 or older for school attendance. Please contact your health care provider to schedule an appointment to receive the vaccine before September. The Rockland County Health Department also offers the vaccine. They can be reached at 845-364-2520 to schedule an appointment.

    Visit the nurses’ forms page (linked above) to the New York State Immunization Requirements for School Entrance/Attendance. The Rockland County Department of Health offers vaccines at no charge for those who qualify. Call (845) 364-2520 for more information or to make an appointment.


    Every effort should be made to administer medications at home, as it does represent a disruption in the student’s day. However, if your physician feels that medication is necessary during the school day, please submit a completed form, which can be obtained from the health office before medication is sent to school. A new form must be filled out for each change of medication and renewed each school year. State law does permit administration of medication during the school day, but only with written orders from the physician and parent. This includes all types of medication– over the counter drugs such as Aspirin, Tylenol, cough syrup, motrin, vitamins—as well as prescription medication. The medication must be in the original container, or duplication professionally labeled by the pharmacist for this purpose. The parent/guardian must assume responsibility for having medication delivered directly to the school health office. No student should have medication in his/her possession while at school.

    Inhalers and EpiPens

    A student may carry and self-administer an inhaler and/or Epipen with the written authorization of their parent/guardian and physician on the appropriate form:

    All medication authorizations must be renewed each school year. Please see the nurses’ forms page (linked above) for updated authorization forms and information documentation.