Athletic FAQs


Athletics FAQs




Dual Participation

Students may simultaneously participate on a school team and a community team. However, in the event of a scheduling conflict, the school team commitment must come first.


To be competitive, interscholastic teams may practice as much as six days per week.  Practice may be scheduled on weekends and during school holidays.


Sport seasons are established by the New York State Public High School Athletic Association and do not necessarily follow the Ramapo Central School District calendar. Fall sports begin in August, winter in November, and spring in February. Some practice locations are not limited to the school campus.

Sports Physicals

Students are required to have a sports physical on file at his/her school before tryouts begin.


Varsity (V) teams are the highest level of interscholastic competition.  Teams are open to all high school grade levels, subject to local school policy.

Junior Varsity (JV) teams are competitive developmental teams. Teams are open to freshmen and sophomores. A junior may be selected o play JV according to the coach’s discretion.

Freshman (Fr.) teams are competitive developmental teams. These teams are only open to freshmen unless a 7th or 8th grade student is selectively classified and requested by the sport’s coach.

Modified (Mod.) teams are developmental teams open to 7th or 8th grade students only.


Every effort will be made to provide school transportation to off-site locations, but, on occasions, private transportation may be required.


Interscholastic sports are competitive by nature. Team sizes are limited, so a selection process is necessary. Prospective players will be judged according to clear criteria that will be communicated to them at the start of the tryout process.

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