District News

When children begin school, they experience many new things, such as learning to read independently and writing full sentences and stories. Their love of learning is often shaped that first year by their experiences and guidance from their teacher. This week, we recognize one of those teachers, #MountieSuperstar Tara Velto, Kindergarten Teacher at Cherry Lane, for her wholehearted approach to teaching and for fostering a deep love of learning in our youngest Mounties.

Tara instills a sense of independence and pride in each student, helping them recognize that while they may be small, they have the power to make good choices and to be in charge of their learning. She plans extensively for her students’ experiences in school and helps them proudly share their work with family, friends and the community. Outside of her classroom, Tara organizes Cherry Lane’s participation in the People to People food drive and coaches Girls on the Run, going above and beyond for the benefit of her students, colleagues, and community.

“My favorite part of teaching is that I get to work with unbelievable kids and families year after year in an amazing elementary school,” Tara says. “The second I meet the students, they become part of my heart and I will do anything and everything I can to make them happy, keep them safe and help them learn. I love greeting the Cherry Laners each morning and receiving a smile to start the day. There is nothing better than hearing a child laugh or seeing them give a proud smile when they recognize their accomplishments.”

Tara feels lucky to work in Suffern Central with a team of colleagues and an administration that values and appreciates the students and the staff, provides so many opportunities to grow and offers a wide range of resources to ensure the students have meaningful experiences while in school. “Cherry Lane is one big family and we all genuinely care about each other. You can’t find that in many places and I’m lucky to be part of it.”