District News

This week we highlight Speech and Language Pathologist Randi Lapp as our #MountieSuperstar. Randi works with the students at Viola Elementary School to provide individual and classroom interventions and connects with families to help them find the best possible solutions for their children. Randi has been a coach to many teachers and a compassionate teacher to all of her students. She is passionate about her work and is always looking for solutions to achieve success for every child.

“Language skills can be integrated into any lesson,” said Randi. “Whether it’s math word problems, reading groups, or science lessons, we can focus on sounds, word structure, and listening skills. Not only am I teaching the students and working with the teachers, I’m also learning new things every day because it’s a total collaboration in the classroom.”

In addition to her work with the students, Randi has been a role model and leader as she helps build bridges between the special education classrooms and the general classroom environment. Her positive spirit and unique ways of teaching are contagious.

“We play a lot of games that tap into letters and sounds and one in particular called sounds and motions that uses gross body movement to mimic how a mouth creates sounds,” Randi adds. “The kids remember these movements for years and I love following their progress from kindergarten through fifth-grade.”