District News

On Tuesday, October 9, Suffern Central was pleased to host a 3-staff member team from the Monroe Woodbury School District. They met with our Project-based Learning (PBL) Specialist, Ken Wojehowski, in the hopes of learning more about the method of project-based learning and specifically how Suffern Central’s programs are designed and implemented.


The day began with an overview of PBL, including its philosophy and project design plan, and a share of some of the projects our teachers are currently working on. They then used Mr. Wojehowski as a mentor and worked with him to brainstorm their own project ideas. In the afternoon, they observed Ms. Levine’s fifth-grade class at Viola Elementary School, to get a first-hand look at the PBL process at work.  In the classroom, they learned how a science lesson on gravity, force, and motion could be seamlessly integrated into the PBL project assignment, which in this case is to design and budget the creation of a new playground with handicap accessibility. 


The process of PBL includes much more than teaching curriculum. The projects and lessons incorporate skills such as problem-solving, creative thinking, communication, team building, leadership, and collaboration. We are proud to share this new initiative with our neighbors in Orange County and look forward to seeing how their PBL program grows.