District News

We are proud and honored to recognize the following students who received a SUNY Rockland Black Achievement Award on Wednesday, February 6th. This competitive award recognizes outstanding scholastic, personal and community achievement among students of African descent in the County. It is awarded to students who maintain an academic average of 90% or greater and who have outstanding participation and accomplishment in at least two of the following categories: Community Service, Artistic Expression, Athletic Ability & Accomplishment, Leadership Activity, Personal Triumph & Success.

Congratulations to: 
Suffern Middle School 8th graders (first photo): Joyce Amady, Malory Belotte, Isaiah Emanuel, Ymani Garcia, Maraly Hector, Mikayla Van Dunk, Jordan Meyer, Ahtziri Lopez, Nachley Noel, Stanley Pierre Louis Jr., Ariana Rivera and Lyanna Wilcox

Suffern High School (pictured second together)
10th graders: Karhala Andre, Dylan Daccarett, Paul Daccarett, Travis Delaney, Aiden Deveaux, David Emanuel, Jayda Griffith, Jerzi Griffith, Ashanty Joseph, Kelly Maignan, Nadelie Noel, Ethan Oluwole, Cayla Regis, Sadie Short, and Malcolm Solan

12th graders: Sara Augustin, Keesha Dubuisson, Stephan Ducrepin, Sydney Evans, Tyler Greene, Taylor Merine, and Nadia Nelson