Acting Superintendent

Summer vacation is almost upon us, but, before we part, I wanted to reach out with thoughts regarding our summer work.  Work? Yes, that’s right, work!

Believe it or not, one of the purposes of summer is to deepen our learning; to take what we learned in class all school year and apply it to the world around us.  Using the concepts we studied and actively applying them will deepen our understanding and retention of them. Our summer goal is to deepen our learning!

So, what steps do we take to do this?

  1. Identify learning partners:  Choose at least 1, but 2 or 3 are better. You can have different learning partners for different learning goals, or the same partners for all of them.  Family members work well (especially Mom or Dad), but so do friends.
  2. Pick your learning location:  Our theme for this summer is “The World Around Us”.   So, where in the world will you be this summer? Any location will work, as long as you are open to the learning opportunities it presents.  Maybe you will be at camp, or the beach, or visiting a city or another country. Or, maybe you will be right at home in your own backyard. Wherever it is, choose a spot to be your learning location.
  3. Discuss and choose learning goals with your learning partners:  What concept did you learn this year that you would like to put into action? What deeper learning do you want to develop? Think about all you learned this year and pick a personal goal.  Deeper learning is work, but fun work. Pick a learning goal that lets you “get your hands dirty” and allows you to enjoy the world around you this summer.
  4. Develop an action plan to meet your learning goal:  What steps will it take to deepen your learning in this way?  Will you need to do some research or gather materials to test a theory? Perhaps you need to gather samples or build a model.  Think about what you need to do to reach your goal and develop your plan.
  5. Do the learning:  Here’s where the real fun starts!  Put your plan into action and get learning!  Make adjustments if necessary, but enjoy the fun of deeper learning.  Keep a record of what you do and share it with others.

One last important piece to my prescription for a successful summer – I want to be your learning partner too.  

I’ve created a google classroom site so we can share our summer learning with each other.  Joining the classroom is easy; go to, click on the “+” to join a class, and for Elementary students type in code “vf47y5” to join; for Secondary students type in the code “7cdbz2” to join.  Please be sure to join through your email address.  We will use this online classroom to share our learning projects over the summer.  

So, begin thinking about your deeper learning goals for the summer and join our summer google classroom!  The best part of our summer will be sharing our learning with each other. We may even share your ideas with the District through our social media sites!

I can’t wait to see your learning in action!

Dr. LC