Acting Superintendent

Good afternoon Mounties,

I write to you as I am preparing to hand over the reins of the district and I am reminded of the commitment I made to you in March – that our District priority of providing content-rich innovative learning experiences in a safe and healthy educational environment would continue. This commitment was fulfilled through the collaborative work and support of the exceptional administrators, faculty and support personnel of Suffern Central.

Suffern Central students had a very successful school year. A school year that included academic, athletic and personal triumphs along the way and culminated in the graduation of close to 400 seniors who are ready to make their mark on the world. I remain honored by the opportunity I was afforded to assist and support the staff of Suffern Central in working together for students in reaching their goals. I have enjoyed my collaboration with them, our families and our community, which was built through my visits to schools, Office Hours appointments and attending District events.

As we transition and usher in change in our District, I want to assure you that in my new role as Assistant Superintendent for Pupil Personnel Services (PPS), I will remain available to assist and support you. Pupil Personnel Services will remain focused on providing students and families with the supports and interventions needed to be successful and to reach personal and district goals.

The PPS division will continue its work in championing social-emotional learning for students, faculty, and families. Our participation in the Yale Emotional Intelligence initiative will move forward, so be prepared to hear more about RULER, the Mood Meter, Meta-Moments and the Blueprint next year. And – something new – the Formative Five will be introduced next year as well. These two programs will work hand in hand to prepare Suffern Central students for learning and leading in their futures ahead.

This is my last Mountie Message as Acting Superintendent, but I will continue to write you Mountie Messages as Assistant Superintendent with news and updates of the PPS division of the District. My door will remain open; I will be holding Office Hours on September 10, 2019; 4:00 pm – 5:30 pm. Contact me for an appointment!

Have a safe and enjoyable summer. I look forward to greeting you again in September.