District News

Today our Suffern Middle School 6th grade students met with high school Heroes & Cool Kids (HACK) mentors for the first time this year. HACK is a Suffern High School club made up of juniors and seniors who mentor sixth-graders throughout the year. They talk about peer pressure, drugs and alcohol use, and offer support to our younger students by answering any questions they may have about getting older and going to high school.

Since today was their first visit, they spent time getting to know each other, played fun games and answered general questions. In addition to visiting middle school, the HACK students attend regional trainings throughout the year where they learn how to work with younger students on important life skills including sportsmanship, conflict resolution, and positive lifestyle choices. It’s great for our sixth-graders to interact with the older #Mounties as it provides an opportunity for them to see a path to their future in high school and beyond.

The last day of school for Suffern Central will be Monday, June 15. Click here for more information.

El último día de clases para Suffern Central será el lunes 15 de junio. Haga clic aquí para obtener más información.