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Today the juniors and seniors at Suffern High School listened as documentarian Joe Allen and longtime Suffern resident Dr. Travis Jackson spoke about the segregation of Hillburn’s two schools and the social action taken in the 1940s towards desegregation. Over the past few weeks, students watched Allen’s film “Two Schools of Hillburn,” and learned about this pivotal time in history.

“Tell the stories of what has happened. If we don’t correct the mistakes of the past, then we are destined to relive them over and over again,” said Allen. “The more we can tell the stories of our past, both the positive and negative, we can learn from history in order to make good decisions in the future.”

A big thank you to the National History Honor Society and social studies chair, Kim Cleary, who put this event together. Students thanked Allen for his time with a hand-made plaque, a book signed by many SHS students and some Suffern swag.

Tune in to News 12 today at the 5pm hour to see coverage of the event.

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