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“The best part of this project is working together,” exclaimed Kyle, a second-grader at Sloatsburg Elementary School.

Kyle and his fellow classmates are all excited about their latest FLES project designed by Señora Teri Duke. As the students learn the Spanish words for places and activities in the community, they’ve been tasked with creating their own community together. Using a large sheet of paper, all the students gathered around to plan and draw a map of a town, complete with a lemonade stand and big centrally-located park. After drawing the roadways and landmarks, students add buildings and other locations they’ve designed to the map and then present their creation, speaking the Spanish words they’ve learned.

“This project builds vocabulary and a love of learning,” adds Duke, “but it also helps the students learn collaboration, communication and planning skills as they work together.” We couldn’t agree more!

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The last day of school for Suffern Central will be Monday, June 15. Click here for more information.

El último día de clases para Suffern Central será el lunes 15 de junio. Haga clic aquí para obtener más información.