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Our next PBL highlight is Suffern High School’s Interior Design class with Shawna Strenfel. With the help of coach Ken Wojehowski and a directive from Treetop Builders, Shawna tasked her students to design a livable treehouse to be used for AirBnB purposes. The students were in charge of creating a client profile and deciding on the design layout all while also deciding on the best tree to use for this project.

Once they found their tree, they were tasked with taking a picture of it and sketching it on paper with how the treehouse would sit. Virtually, the students met with a guest from Treehouse Builders to ask questions about the process of building a sustainable and usable treehouse. After deciding on their sketch they moved to create 3D renderings and 3D models of their treehouse using materials found around their house. This part of the project also provides students with portfolio pieces as they move into more interior design work.

“My students work really hard and have A LOT of talent,” said Shawna Strenfel. “At this point in the school year I am usually doing gamification or another fun, engaging group project. I wanted to be sure to keep in line with that, and that it was a project they’d enjoy and I wanted it to be a project that will challenge them, because I know they are talented enough to rise to the occasion. My 6 year old enjoys watching Treehouse Masters and that sparked the idea. I also liked that this project required students to spend some time in nature.”

A special thanks to their guest speakers, Joe Dauphin from Treetop Builders, Mariana Krichevsky an Interior Designer and Tina Alaj, SHS Class of 2019.

The projects were really amazing! Here are some screenshots of their presentations from their Google Meet. Great work by all! #MountiePride #SuffernCentral