District News

During last night’s October 6th Board of Education meeting, we celebrated fifteen awesome individuals who received tenure this past spring. Although we were unable to have a reception in their honor, we did create this video highlighting their incredible contributions to our District.


Congratulations to:

Montebello Elementary School & Suffern Middle School Physical Education Teacher Giancarlo Palumbo; RP Connor Special Education & Resource Room Teacher Robin Cooper, RP Connor ENL teacher Oscar Henriquez and RP Connor Principal Kelly Benadi; Sloatsburg Elementary School Physical Education teacher Tom Behrens, Sloatsburg Elementary School ENL teacher Cerafina Rodriquez; Suffern MIddle School math teacher DanyaMarie Stevens; and from Suffern High School: Elizabeth Borczyk, Agnes Caniza, Matthew Chanowski, Sarah Guerra, Sarah Horn, Kendrick Madronero, Stacey Samora, Nancy Struhar

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