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Safety is the top priority for the district’s transportation office. Our buses travel 1.7 million miles each year, transporting students to and from school, special education programs, career and technical education courses, field trips and athletic competitions. Our contractor ensures that our buses meet all safety standards and that our drivers meet all New York State and Federal licensing and training requirements. Be sure to view our SCSD bus safety video.

Transportation Safety Letter 

Contact Information:
Transportation Office Hours: M-F 8:00 AM – 4:30 PM
Phone: 845-357-7783 x11286

For help after school hours, contact Chestnut Ridge Transportation at 845-357-0904.

Transportation Quick Links: 
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List of SMS late buses; List of SHS late buses  (Both lists are PDFs)
Day Care / Alternate Site Request Form 2020-21
Day Care / Alternate Site Request Form 2020-21 (Spanish) 
Online instructions for Day Care Transportation Form
Online Instructions for Day Care Transportation Form (Spanish)
Request for NonPublic Transportation 2020-21
Online instructions for Private School Transportation Form
Instruction for NonPublic Transportation 2020-21
Handbook on private/parochial school transportation


Please take time to review the following bus safety rules with your child:

• Arrive at your bus stop at least five minutes before the bus is due and wait for the bus away from the roadway.
• Enter the bus in single file and in an orderly manner. No pushing.
• Sit down promptly and fasten your seat belt and remain in your seat while on the bus.
• Keep aisles clear at all times.
• Remain quiet and orderly. No yelling or fighting.
• Be courteous to your driver and fellow passengers.
• No eating, drinking or smoking on the bus.
• Do not open windows without permission.
• When leaving the bus, if you must cross, always wait for the driver’s signal and cross in front of the bus.
• Backpacks, coats, jackets and sweaters should be worn, not carried, when exiting the bus

Bus passes are mailed by the third week of August for the new school year. Information includes bus stop location, pick-up and drop-off times, and bus safety rules. Please take time to review all bus pass information with your child before the first day of school.

Late buses depart from Suffern Middle School each school day at 3:45pm and 4:45pm. Late buses run from Suffern High School at 4:15pm and 5:45pm. Late buses do not stop at every assigned bus stop – our drivers use a pooling method where several bus stops will be combined into one central stop location. Click here to view a list of SMS late buses, and here for SHS late buses.

To request transportation to a location other than child’s registered residence, a Request for Day Care Transportation Form must be received by the transportation office no later than April 1st for the next school year. A request must be filed each year.

To request transportation to a private school, a Request for Private School Transportation Form must be received by the transportation office no later than April 1st for the next school year. New residents must file within 30 days after April 1st, but no later than August 1st. A request must be submitted each year even if your child remains at the same school. To read a complete handbook on private/parochial school transportation, click here.

Items left on the school bus, if found by the driver, will be held on the bus for the student to collect or turned in to the Lost and Found at the bus garage. Items not claimed within 30 days will be discarded.

Snow closings and early dismissals impact student transportation. Please note the following procedures regarding school closures and/or delays due to inclement weather:

1. If Suffern Central Schools are closed, NO bus service will be provided for non-public school students.
2. On days when the opening of district schools is delayed by two hours, all Suffern Central school buses will follow the same delayed schedule. Your child’s bus pick-up time will be moved forward depending on the length of the delay. An example would be that if the district announced a two-hour delay and your child is normally picked up at 8:25 am; your child’s delayed opening pick-up time would be 10:25 am. Remember that delayed openings do not extend our regular dismissal time, so please be at your child’s afternoon bus stop as assigned.

If Suffern Central is not on a two-hour delay, but other districts and private schools are, a two-hour delay will apply for the schools opening late.
3. If there is a need to close schools early, all Suffern Central school buses will pick up early, as directed.

Non-Transportation Days:  There will be certain days on which Suffern Central does not provide transportation to non-public schools.  Transportation to all non-public schools will be provided only on days when the School District is in session as set forth in the calendar adopted by the Board of Education. Please refer to our district school days calendar and additional non-transportation day information detailed below:

Days prior to September 4, 2019.
All Saturdays and Sundays ·
Days after June 26, 2020

On days when Suffern Central is not providing bus service, families will have to make alternative transportation arrangements to and from their school.

Authorized Riders on District School Buses:  Guests and other unauthorized riders will not be permitted on Suffern Central school buses.  Only district employees, school bus personnel, emergency personnel and authorized chaperones are permitted to board a district school bus.