The students of Cherry Lane Elementary school are spinning in delight over this year’s new occupational therapy room. With the addition of the Foundations classrooms at Cherry Lane, Occupational Therapist Mollie Muenzen identified a need for more OT space and worked with the administration to design a classroom devoted to students needing both occupational and physical therapy support.

The room houses various equipment that will help address the vestibular (balance/body awareness), proprioception (information gathered through muscles & joints) and tactile needs of the students. From swings to trampolines, balance beams to ball pits, and plenty of open space for scooters and tricycles, this sensory gym lets students work with their therapists to refine their gross and fine motor skills and be more successful in the classroom.

When students return in the fall they will see even more equipment in the room and sensory pathways in the halls!

The last day of school for Suffern Central will be Monday, June 15. Click here for more information.

El último día de clases para Suffern Central será el lunes 15 de junio. Haga clic aquí para obtener más información.