On Wednesday night, Montebello Elementary School teachers Sally Krawczyk and Kim Wojehowski gathered their first-grade students and their families in a Google meet to celebrate the end of their writing unit on poetry. This time, the celebration had a twist made special by the help of local musicians.

The inspiration behind this celebration came from the name of the unit – Music in Our Hearts: Writing Poetry and Songs. “We use music all the time in class, it’s such a powerful teaching tool,” said Kim Wojehowski. “I love that these songs have now taught these writers that their feelings, ideas and voices can truly impact the world around them.

For the celebration, musicians were given the poems written by our first-grade students and the freedom to interpret the lyrics and shape the melody. They stayed true to the 1st-grade lyrics but brought the poems to life in their own unique and diverse way.

The excitement was palpable in the Google meet. There were priceless smiles and tears of joy from students and their families. Students were dressed up in bow ties and dresses and although they weren’t together in person – they were all able to feel and connect to their writing and the joy it brought them.

We hope you enjoy this as much as we did! It’s definitely a celebration we’ll never forget!

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