SCSD Advocacy Campaign

Dear Suffern Central School District Families,

Suffern Central School District administrators and the Board of Education were recently made aware of a study that Governor Andrew Cuomo requested, that could potentially lead to legislation that would impact tax rates in our area.

If such legislation was approved, New York State would place a ceiling exemption on all mass utility owned properties, lowering their assessed values and creating a potential $2 million tax revenue deficit, which would be passed onto all real property taxpayers including local homeowners.

This is a critical issue for the residents of our school district and we urge our community members to familiarize themselves with the issue and reach out to Governor Cuomo and local leaders expressing opposition to this potential legislation. The Town of Ramapo Assessor, Scott Shedler, is working with local representatives to prevent legislation from being introduced and he has asked for the community’s support.

Below are letters to sign and send directly to the Governor and your local and state representatives.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.

Copy of the Board of Ed Resolution on this matter.

Letter to Governor Cuomo

Send a letter to the Governor by clicking here.  This link opens a form with a field for the letter below. To use the Governor’s form, please fill out the contact information fields and then copy and paste the letter. Click submit.

Dear Governor Cuomo,

We oppose any legislation permitting the State of New York to take over the valuation of utility property which currently is the sole responsibility of our local assessor. Any such takeover by NY State would have a serious adverse impact on those of us who are taxpayers, particularly for those individuals who are on a fixed income.

The current system provides that utility property is assessed by the local assessor in the same manner as every other taxpayer. Any change in the current system would shift the tax burden to individual taxpayers in a manner that is unfair and unjust.

We urge you to oppose any proposed legislation that might come before you that would change the manner in which utility properties are currently assessed.



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