On Friday, the swearing-in ceremony for Assemblyman Karl Brabenec turned into a lesson in government for the 4th graders at Sloatsburg Elementary School. After the ceremony, Brabenec spoke with the students about how he began his political career way back in 8th grade, and later after asking our 4th-graders what ideas they had for initiating change, he explained how, in government, ideas turn into bills and bills turn into laws (or not).

He explained the various branches of government with a focus on the legislative branch and how they all work together to represent communities such as Sloatsburg. Dr. Lloyd, Sloatsburg Principal introduced the event and Michael J. Dolan, Rockland County Coordinator for Assemblyman Brabenec, introduced the representatives of the Village who were in attendance.

This was a real-life lesson that correlates to the 4th-grade curriculum as the students will be learning about government throughout the spring, including going on a field trip to Albany and a tour of the Village Hall and the various jobs that help run the community.

Thank you to Assemblyman Brabenec, Mayor Carl Wright, Deputy Mayor Peter Akey, Former Police Chief Frank Daily and Thomas J. Newman, Justice of the Sloatsburg Village Hall for showing your support at today’s events. This is community partnership in action. #MountiePride #SuffernCentral

The last day of school for Suffern Central will be Monday, June 15. Click here for more information.

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