For the past month, students in Colleen Annunziata’s AP Chemistry class at Suffern High School have been participating in a Project-Based Learning (PBL) activity to design an escape room featuring chemistry curriculum. Seven groups were created to develop escape room storylines and layout plans with the hope of being chosen as the winner. They worked together to design the challenges from the clues and formulas to the costumes and props needed to make a real escape room.

Today, their hard work and collaboration culminated with presentations to judges and peers. All of the teams were creative and unique but ultimately Group 1, “Escape from Chernobyl” won the judges hearts. This lucky group will receive a $1000 grant from the REACH Foundation of Rockland to create their escape room challenge and present it to the entire District at the upcoming STEAM expo on April 7th.

Thank you to the judges Dr. Andrew Trust, SHS Assistant Principal, Ronni Seif, REACH Foundation President and Samantha Reed, SUNY Rockland Chemistry Professor and SHS Alum!

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