Earlier today, Suffern High School teachers and administrators gathered to celebrate students who were nominated for Mountie PRIDE awards by their teachers. These awards are given to students who demonstrate a high level of academic success or citizenship, even if the end result is not an A+ or an accomplishment recognized in our community. This ceremony intends to honor the kids that sometimes get overlooked, but whose day-to-day accomplishments are second to none.

Congratulations to: Gabby Castillo, Humberto Cumatzil, Caren De La Cruz, Nigel Dubission, Cassie Frisch, Vincent Gianetti, Mikayla Holtzer, Danielle Iodice, Wayne Jennings, Jacob Knaggs, Sophia Lauro, Ninoska Leon, James MacRobbie, Kyla Maraglino, Emma Muchnick, Nachely Noel, David Paz, Brandy Perez, Jon Rivera, Isabella Sellers, Adriana Vetcha, Samantha Wenz, and Isobel Wimer

If you are in need of tech support for your child's Chromebook or iPad, here are the signup links for this week:

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