On Monday, May 4th, Arpitha Abraham and Anara Katz, the co-presidents of the Suffern High School Environmental Activism Club (EAC) were invited by Village of Suffern Mayor Ed Markunas and Village Clerk/Deputy Treasurer Ms. Amy Paffenroth to speak to the Village of Suffern’s Board of Trustees in their virtual meeting. The EAC was asked to research and create a statement regarding the potential health and community impacts of the Danskammer Fracked Gas Power Plant proposed to be made in Newburgh, NY. EAC is now a part of Suffern’s newly created Climate Smart Community task force, a program created by New York State to help individual communities reduce their climate imprint and shift to becoming greener. This task force was proposed by our senior co-presidents earlier in the school year and was voted and agreed upon by the Village Board of Trustees.

Arpitha represented the high school’s portion of the task force by reading a statement against the expansion and creation of a full-time fracking facility. Mayor Markunas proposed a resolution opposing the Danskammer, LLC build out proposal, which was supported by all of the trustees of the Village Board.

Even in the midst of a quarantine and crisis, our students are still working on their goals and fighting for what they believe in!

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The last day of school for Suffern Central will be Monday, June 15. Click here for more information.

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