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The Suffern High School art program provides students with an exciting and comprehensive approach to the visual arts. The curriculum offers a diverse selection of courses that foster the development of 21st century skills.  Students will be creating original artwork, using traditional art materials, as well as the latest digital technologies.  The progressive curriculum has been designed to stimulate and challenge students to utilize their creative problem solving abilities while developing their artistic skills.  While working in the original maker space, students have the opportunity to discover new media, tools, and techniques and apply these new found skills to both individual and collaborative works of art.  Students have access to a dedicated Mac lab, a ceramic studio, a photography dark room, and two traditional fine arts classrooms.


The course objectives include knowledge of art materials and techniques, acquisition and use of art resources, art history, the art of other cultures, art analysis and criticism, and aesthetics.  In this creative and stimulating activity-oriented environment the curriculum also offers exposure to and preparation for career choices as well as life-long avocations in many areas of the visual arts.


Numerous upper-level electives in various fields of study are offered, including four college level courses.  Students may enroll in AP Studio Art, AP Art History, College Drawing & Painting or College/Honors Art as Therapy.  Advanced courses are also offered in Ceramics, Photography and Computer Graphics.

Athletics Advisory:

Please be aware that, as per Section One guidelines, visiting team fans can not attend athletic contests on any Suffern Central Campus.  Regarding home team fans, only those spectators whose names appear on our approved list that is provided to us by the athletes will be permitted to attend a contest.  All other spectators will have to remain in their cars or leave the campus.