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All  searchable directories for district and buildings are in the process of being updated. In the meantime if you need a complete staff list, please use the link (below) to the district page for low vision users of screen readers which contains a comprehensive current staff list. The list is alphabetical by building.

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Please find a scrollable list of SHS staff here. We expect to have the updated searchable list with form available soon.

Name Building Title Phone Email Address   Website
Addon, Robert SHS Physical Education/Trainer 845-357-3800
Alessi, Laura SHS World Languages 845-357-3800
Amodeo, Mary SHS English 845-357-3800
Annunziata, Colleen SHS Science 845-357-3800
Armstrong, Adriana SHS BOCES 845-357-3800    
Ballerine, Bill SHS Science 845-357-3800
Barrett-Rosario, Allison SHS BOCES 845-357-3800    
Barricella, Christie SHS Science 845-357-3800
Bates, Ned SHS English 845-357-3800  
Beaudoin, Ryan SHS Science 845-357-3800
Berges, Tracy SHS Art 845-357-3800
Biggar, Matthew SHS Social Science 845-357-3800
Biss, Alice SHS Music 845-357-3800
Blide, Rebecca SHS Science 845-357-3800
Blitz,Kate SHS Art 845-357-3800
Borczyk, Elizabeth SHS English 845-357-3800
Bota-Thaxton, Natascha SHS Science 845-357-3800
Breen, Patrick SHS Principal 845-357-3800
Buchanan, Bodil SHS Science 845-357-3800
Callanan, John SHS Social Science 845-357-3800
Caniza, Agnes SHS Speech 845-357-3800
Canty, John SHS Social Science 845-357-3800
Capolupo, Ginny SHS Secretary 845-357-3800    
Casarella, Ann Marie SHS Guidance 845-357-3800
Casarella, Greg SHS English 845-357-3800
Castro, Carolina SHS World Languages 845-357-3800
Chanowsky, Matthew SHS Special Education 845-357-3800
Chillino, Veronica SHS Nurse 845-357-3800
Ciriello, Anita SHS World Languages 845-357-3800
Cleary, Kimberly SHS Social Science 845-357-3800
Coletta, Elizabeth SHS English 845-357-3800
Connolly, Kristin SHS Social Science 845-357-3800
Corini, Michael SHS Social Science 845-357-3800
Crespo, Jennifer SHS World Languages 845-357-3800
Cronin, Michael SHS Math 845-357-3800
Cruz, Sherlin SHS Special Education 845-357-3800
Cuevas, Lydia SHS Special Education Monitor 845-357-3800    
De Maggio, Rob SHS English 845-357-3800
Delaney, Bill SHS Special Education 845-357-3800
Delaney, Susan SHS Physical Education 845-357-3800
DelDuca, Kelly SHS BOCES 845-357-3800    
Dempsey, Jeff SHS Physical Education 845-357-3800
Dempsey, Mary Ann SHS BOCES 845-357-3800    
Denman, Jenna SHS Math 845-357-3800
Denny, Tom SHS Music 845-357-3800
Derosa, Christopher SHS World Languages 845-357-3800
DeSousa, Christine SHS Math 845-357-3800
DeStaso, Amanda SHS Math 845-357-3800    
Destefano, Marian SHS BOCES 845-357-3800
Diamond, Ian SHS English 845-357-3800
Donovan, James SHS Science 845-357-3800
Douglass, Dr. James SHS Assistant Principal 845-357-3800
Edelman, Christina SHS English 845-357-3800
Edelman, Jana SHS Special Education 845-357-3800
Evans, Debra SHS Secretary 845-357-3800    
Farrow, Kathy SHS English 845-357-3800
Feger, Marianna SHS World Language 845-357-3800
Fella, Susan SHS Psychologist 845-357-3800
Fennell, Norma SHS Science 845-357-3800
Ferrante, Sheila SHS BOCES 845-357-3800    
Ferrar, Lori SHS Special Education Monitor 845-357-3800    
Fleisig, Lisa SHS BOCES 845-357-3800    
Frascone, Mary SHS BOCES 845-357-3800    
French-O’Carroll, Erin SHS Special Education 845-357-3800
Galvin, Tim SHS Security 845-357-3800    
Garone, William SHS Social Science 845-357-3800    
Gheta, Adriana SHS Science 845-357-3800
Girardi, Katherine SHS English 845-357-3800
Goldman, Claudia SHS BOCES 845-357-3800    
Greer, Angela SHS Science 845-357-3800    
Guccione, Andrew SHS Athletic Director 845-357-3800
Guerra, Sarah SHS Social Science 845-357-3800
Guijarro, Marissa SHS Guidance 845-357-3800
Haider, Majabeen SHS BOCES 945-357-3800    
Hala, Wendell SHS Science 845-357-3800
Holden, Giorgina SHS BOCES 845-357-3800    
Horn, Sarah SHS Math 845-357-3800
Ibsen, Melanie SHS Secretary 845-357-3800    
Jacoby, Craig SHS Special Education 845-357-3800
Jiang, Lu (PM only) SHS World Languages 845-357-3800
Johnson, Daniel SHS Science 845-357-3800
Kahn, Jason SHS BOCES 845-357-3800    
Kaplan, Scott SHS Social Science 845-357-3800
Karen, Edward SHS Art 845-357-3800
Katz, Joyce SHS BOCES 845-357-3800    
Kellman, Bonnie SHS Secretary 845-357-3800    
Kern, Sarah SHS Guidance 845-357-3800
Kincaid, Peter SHS Music 845-357-3800
Kunzmann, George SHS Math 845-357-3800
Leale, Janet SHS Guidance 845-357-3800
Leigh, John SHS BOCES 845-357-3800    
Litwak, Susan SHS BOCES 845-357-3800    
Lofberg, Joseph SHS Physical Education 845-357-3800    
Lyons, Robert SHS Special Education 845-357-3800
Macchia, Patricia SHS Science 845-357-3800
MacKenzie, Dr. Amy SHS Special Education 845-357-3800
Madigan, Susan SHS Math 845-357-3800
Madronero, Kendrick SHS English 845-357-3800
Margolin, Tiele SHS BOCES 845-357-3800    
Mariani, Robert SHS ENL 845-357-3800
Marina, Jim SHS Science 845-357-3800
Marina, Robert SHS Science 845-357-3800
Martiniello, Dominick SHS Library Media Specialist 845-357-3800
Marx, Stephen SHS Science 845-357-3800
Masilotti, Kathy SHS Secretary 845-357-3800    
McCarter, Daniel SHS Music 845-357-3800
McDonald, Anne SHS BOCES 845-357-3800    
Mendolia, Tim SHS Special Education 845-357-3800
Michie, Chris SHS Science 845-357-3800
Miles, Fanetta SHS Monitor 845-357-3800    
Miller, Jason SHS Special Education 845-357-3800
Minick, Jessica SHS English 845-357-3800
Moore, Lori SHS Information Specialist 845-357-3800    
Mugno, George SHS Technology/Math 845-357-3800
Murray, Brian SHS English 845-357-3800
Murray, Richard SHS BOCES 845-357-3800
Musial, Stephanie SHS BOCES 845-357-3800    
Neuendorf, Joan SHS Physical Education 845-357-3800
O’Connor, Edward SHS Math 845-357-3800
O’Connor, Kathryn SHS Math 845-357-3800
Okada, Tom SHS Art 845-357-3800
Olavarria, Luis SHS Social Science 845-357-3800
Oliveto, Cecile SHS Monitor 845-357-3800    
Palmiotto, Kim SHS English 845-357-3800
Petrassi, Alexandra SHS World Language 845-357-3800
Phelps, Ryan SHS Science 845-357-3800
Picciano, Gail SHS Math 845-357-3800
Powell, Stephanie SHS ENL 845-357-3800    
Preiss, Lia SHS BOCES 845-357-3800    
Provanzana, Edward SHS Social Science 845-357-3800
Purdy, Michael SHS Science 845-357-3800
Quinn, Robert SHS Technology 845-357-3800
Reddy, Meredith SHS Guidance 845-357-3800
Ricciuti, Linda SHS Secretary 845-357-3800    
Rodrigue, Nancy SHS ENL 845-357-3800
Ross, Danielle SHS Art 845-357-3800
Ryan, Victoria SHS BOCES 845-357-3800    
Samora, Stacey SHS Math 845-357-3800
Santilli, Charlene SHS Psychologist – Boces 845-357-3800    
Sanzo, Ariel SHS Special Education 845-357-3800    
Scagnelli, Linda SHS BOCES 845-357-3800    
Schelling, Robert SHS Guidance 845-357-3800
Schwartz, Brian SHS Math 845-357-3800
Schwartz, Randall SHS Music 845-357-3800
Schwartz, Tina SHS FACS/Health 845-357-3800
Shankey, Sue SHS BOCES 845-357-3800    
Sheridan, Tracy SHS Special Education 845-357-3800    
Silver, Jason SHS Psychologist 845-357-3800
Sloane, Susan SHS BOCES 845-357-3800    
Sokol, Kim Lori SHS Social Science 845-357-3800
Staker, Eileen SHS English 845-357-3800
Starkey, Kathleen SHS Monitor 845-357-3800    
Starr, Susan SHS BOCES 845-357-3800    
Stephenson, Shelley SHS Guidance 845-357-3800
Stern, Monika SHS BOCES 845-357-3800    
Strenfel, Shawna SHS F&CS 845-357-3800
Strichartz, Suzanne SHS BOCES 845-357-3800    
Struhar, Nancy SHS Business 845-357-3800
Sullivan, Michelle SHS World Languages 845-357-3800
Taudel, Altagracia SHS Special Education 845-357-3800
Taylor, Dr. Rita SHS World Languages 845-357-3800
Taylor, Jane SHS Social Worker 845-357-3800    
Tepper, Michael SHS World Languages 845-357-3800
Trust, Dr. Andrew SHS Ass’t Principal 845-357-3800
Tully, Michael SHS English 845-357-3800
Violetti, Courtney SHS Special Education 845-357-3800    
Walkley, Robert SHS Physical Education 845-357-3800
Wells, Tammy SHS Special Education 845-357-3800
Wetzel, Jim SHS Special Education 845-357-3800
Whalen, Jason SHS Social Science 845-357-3800
Wilson, Richard SHS Technology 845-357-3800
Winkelhoff, Janet SHS Nurse 845-357-3800
Woods, Michelle SHS Social Science 845-357-3800

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Addon, Robert SHS Physical Education/Trainer
845-357-3800 Email Website