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Family Resource Coordinator Socorro Clemente

Mrs. Clemente, our dedicated Family Resource Coordinator, plays a crucial role in creating a supportive and inclusive school environment that nurtures students' holistic development and fosters strong connections between families, schools, and the community. 

FRC Role at Sloatsburg Elementary SchoolStudents smiling

Rockland’s FRC coordinators build positive school climates. Coordinators meet with representatives of community groups so they hear what is important to a community and act when they can to address issues. They participate in community projects and share resources. Events like Family Math Night or series of literacy nights done with teachers can shed light on the curriculum and strategies used in classrooms. Increasing the knowledge shared by teachers and parents raises parents’ ability to encourage and help their children.

Putting out the welcome mat proves that every family is important and leverages increased investment from outside and inside the school as well.

Socorro Clemente