Congratulations to the nine Suffern Middle School teachers who recently completed their Instructional Technology Cohort with Instructional Facilitator, Jamie Haug.

The cohort provides teachers with an opportunity to learn and integrate a new form of technology into their curriculum and teachings. For months they worked one-on-one with Haug, learning the basics of the technology, setting goals for its usage in the classroom, and then implementing it to enhance the students’ learning. They approached challenges with patience and ultimately achieved success in their goals.

“This cohort, which was driven by Assistant Superintendent for Instruction, Lisa Weber, allows us to determine the best way for information to be released to students and then run with new ways of integrating technology into learning,” said Jamie Haug. “I am really proud of all the work these teachers put into their projects, and really enjoyed watching them present their projects to the group with confidence and enthusiasm.”

Some of the projects included using flipgrid to have students create video testimonials and debate topics around the revolutionary war, the use of iMovie to create book trailers that captured the theme of the book, SeeSaw and Puppet EDU to have students video and solve math work on their iPads, and google forms to allow students to create their own tests and assessments around specific areas of study.

“The teachers’ willingness to step out of their comfort zones and try new modalities of instruction with instructional technology has served as an inspiration for all,” said SMS Principal Brian Fox.

Teachers had to volunteer their time and sign up to be a part of the technology cohort. Congratulations again to this talented group: Laura Davan, Jackie Perich, Lisa Passudetti, KC Davan, Cathy Revicki, Alison Clare, Matt Jones, Jenny Narcisco and Kristi McGrath.