Clubs & Activities

Clubs & Activities

Welcome to our directory of student clubs and groups! Suffern Middle School believes in offering activities that meet the non-academic needs of our students.  Hyperlinked names on the list below link to the web site for that activity. As clubs get underway their websites will be updated.

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Green Team   (Mrs. Mena, Mr. Ficarella, Mrs. Lofberg, Mrs. Douglas)

Made up of about 50 students from grades 6-8, the Green Team is dedicated to making our school, community, and planet a cleaner and better place.  Team responsibilities and initiatives include:


  • Recycling (approx 10,000 bottles and cans per month)
  • Composting (approx 30 – 50 pounds of food scraps are collected at school every month)
  • Park Clean-ups
  • Team hikes and trips, and special events
  • Gardening (using compost collected)
  • Food donation (during harvest season, the team donates an average of 60 pounds of produce grown in our garden to local food pantries)



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Jazz Band  (Mr. Dave Yarrington)


The SMS jazz band is an extracurricular group, open by audition to any instrumentalist in the middle school.  We perform jazz standards and popular music and stress improvisation and soloing in concert.



Student Council  (Ms. Shada, Ms. Fruhling)



 The 6th grade musical is open to all students in grade 6. This year’s show will be The Lion King Jr. More details are available on the 6th grade musical website, which is linked above. 


SMS 7th & 8th Grade Musical  (Nicole Pagnotta) 
The 7th & 8th grade musical is open to all SMS students in grades 7 & 8. This year’s show is Singin’ in the Rain.
Director: Alice Biss
Music Director: Constance Shearer
Choreographer: DaynaMarie Stevens
Assistant Director: Nicole Pagnotta




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Youth Against Cancer  (Liza Medina Martin)
Youth Against Cancer is a group made up of students who want to make a difference in the world. Our goal is to have students reach out to and support those who battle cancer, as well as those agencies which are looking to cure this disease.




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