Core Classes/Teams

Core Classes –A Team Model

Suffern Middle School is known for the academic concern and personal caring demonstrated by the staff for the many and diversified needs and orientations of the students attending our school.  Helping every student develop his or her potential is the essential purpose of our academic program.  English, math, science, and social studies are scheduled as a team.  Each team is responsible for the same group of students.  Common planning and meeting times are scheduled so that teachers, counselors, and parents may convene to discuss a particular student’s performance and if needed, devise a plan to best meet the needs of the student.


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Sixth Grade Teams:



Team website

Humanities: Peg Sheehy  EmailWebsite
Mathematics: Elio Ficarella  EmailWebsite
Science: Kristan DiMartino  EmailWebsite

Team Website

Humanities: Jennifer Fruhling  Email / Website 
Julia Jaffee   Email / Website
Mathematics: Catherine Conley  Email / Website
Science: Patricia Marina  Email / Website
Special Ed: Jen Korn  Email / Website

Team Website

Humanities: Jeffrey Meher  Email / Website
Barbara Biddy  Email / Website
Mathematics: Andrea Gess  Email / Website
Science: John Rostawanik  Email / Website
Special Ed: Lauren Lofberg   Email / Website

Team Website

Humanities: Melani Bendfeldt  Email / Website  
Jennie Narcisco   Email / Website
Mathematics: Kerrianne Kunz  Email / Website
Science: Ashley Connington   Email / Website
Special Ed: Rob Morgan  Email / Website

Special Education (Learning Center): Laura Davan Email / Website

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 Seventh Grade Teams:




Team Website

English: Gina DeMarsico  Email / Website
Mathematics: Pat Boswell  Email / Website
Science: Jason Flach Email / Website
Social Studies: Larissa Maraia  Email / Website

Team Website

English: Jenny Coffey  Email / Website
Mathematics: Karen Mena  Email / Website
Science: Anna Devera  Email / Website
Social Studies: K.C. Davan  Email / Website
Special Ed: Michele Nordone  Email / Website

Team Website

English: Danielle Tomas  Email / Website
Mathematics: Alison Clare  Email / Website
Science: Michael Sullivan  Email  / Website
Social Studies: Scott Wright  Email / Website
Special Ed: Jennifer Kenny  Email / Website

Team Website

English: Liza Martin  Email / Website
Mathematics: Daniel Muller Email / Website
Science: Telly Molinaro  Email / Website
Social Studies: Cathy Revicki  Email / Website
Special Ed: Sabrina Claro  Email / Website


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Eighth Grade Teams:



Team Website

English: Ned Bates  Email / Website
Mathematics: DaynaMarie DiSiena  Email / Website
Science: Mark Paul Email / Website
Social Studies: Joan Weiner  Email / Website
Special Ed: Marie Krimksy  Email / Website
Maureen Ritter  Email / Website

Team Website

English: Gabrielle Blake   Email / Website
Mathematics: Holly Farmer  Email / Website
Science: AJ Bianchi Email / Website
Social Studies: Karen Falasca  Email / Website
Special Ed: Tracy Nugent   Email / Website
Colette Amoroso  Email / Website

Team Website

English: Nicole Tarife  Email / Website
Mathematics: Deborah MacMillan  Email / Website 
Science: Todd Walder  Email / Website 
Social Studies: Ian Livingston  Email / Website
Special Ed:  Marie Krimsky   Email / Website
Maureen Ritter  Email / Website

Team Website

English: Kristi-Ann McGrath  Email / Website
Mathematics: Jocelyn Rondina  Email / Website 
Science: Lisa Passudetti   Email / Website 
Social Studies: Russell Rice   Email / Website .
Special Ed: Tracy Nugent  Email / Website
Colette Amoroso  Email / Website