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As a collaborative community that values technology, Suffern Central School District strives to cultivate students’ life-long love of learning and instill critical skills and values which will prepare them for life in a rapidly evolving global society.


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The Suffern Central School District envisions technology that:

  • Will support the growth of our students as critical thinkers who embrace creativity and  innovation, and generate excitement about utilizing technology in real-world applications.
  • Will facilitate communication, promoting a seamless partnership between all stakeholders invested in the education of Suffern Central students.
  • Will assist our students’ growth as responsible, reflective and critical consumers and evaluators of digital information and social media.
  • Will support students in their journey to create a positive digital legacy, reflective of their unique abilities, talents and achievements.


In order to support this vision, Suffern Central School District recognizes:

  • The necessity of providing students access to technology and technology embedded learning opportunities.
  • The value of promoting an exemplary level of learning and professional development so that technological tools are utilized in a meaningful manner.
  • The importance of engaging in technological activities as tools for creativity, innovation, communication and collaboration, critical thinking, problem solving, decision making, searching for knowledge, and learning.


The Overarching Goals of the Technology Department are:

  • Technology is reliable and consistent.
  • Technology is transparent.
  • Technology is utilized to provide students with necessary skills to be prepared for the world of tomorrow.


View District Technology Plan Here. 

For more information or questions, contact: 
Eric Coronado, Director of Technology

If you are in need of tech support for your child's Chromebook or iPad, here are the signup links for this week:

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