Music Department


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    The Suffern High School Music Department is proud to offer a comprehensive program that allows students to perform in a wide variety of vocal and instrumental performance groups.  Additionally, courses in University Music Theory provide an opportunity for the more dedicated musician to continue studying music through a more academic lens.  Music education at SHS focuses on the NYS standards for Music as well as the New York State School Music Association (NYSSMA) system of assessment.  Specific goals of music education at SHS include the:

      • development of student aptitude and performance opportunities
      • creation of a challenging and diverse music program for all SHS students
      • opportunity for aesthetic experiences through the study of music
      • the understanding of the historical and cultural perspective and influence of music.

    In order for all students to benefit from the full music experience offered in our program, it is expected and required that all SHS music students:

    1. become actively involved in the creation and performance process of their music groups
    2. be aware of, and use appropriately, the resources and materials available for participation in the arts
    3. understand the relationship, through human experiences, between the composer and his/her music and the works of contemporaries
    4. understand how the arts shape, and are shaped, by human experiences and culture, both past and present