• Peachjar 

    Suffern Central embraces the opportunities offered by our digital world. We are now making both school and community flyers readily available on our websites through a new service called Peachjar. Peachjar is a digital flyer system that posts flyers online and sends them directly to parent/guardian emails. Non-profit organizations who wish to send flyers to the Suffern Central community can now submit flyers for approval through Peachjar. School groups can also submit their flyers via Peachjar as well, and delivery will be automated daily.

    Peachjar is simple to use. You never need to log in, but you can if you want to manage your account preferences.  To log in click here.  Below is a list of Peachjar’s pages for all our schools.


    *Register with Peachjar if:

    • You are a Program Provider who is ready to send a digital flyer about your program to parents in schools that use Peachjar.
    • If you are a member of the District/School Staff and you want to receive your school's Peachjar flyers.**
    • You are a Parent/Family Member and have been told by your school to register in order to begin receiving flyers, or if you are in a school that uses Peachjar but you haven’t received flyers via email yet.
    • If you are a Parent Group representative at a school using Peachjar.**


    *  If you are a parent and your child’s school is implementing PeachJar and you have not been instructed to register, no action is required. Generally, parents are automatically registered by their school district and will receive an email with login instructions. If you did not receive login instructions, please make sure your email address is on file with your school.

    **  Your District/School Peachjar Administrator will need to grant you privileges before you can “Send a Flyer”.
    Your flyer will be automatically submitted to the Suffern Central School District for approval. Your flyer will be reviewed and the material approved or denied based on our approval standards.


    Distribution of Printed Materials Guidelines

    In an effort to work with school-based, public and not-for-profit organizations that wish to provide important educational/recreational/cultural information to the students or their families, the following guidelines shall govern all requests to make available printed materials by outside organizations.

    1. The Superintendent of Schools or his designee shall review all printed materials for appropriateness.
    2. Printed materials will be limited to school-based and community-based not-for-profit organizations only.
    3. Political information including elected officials or candidates' names may not be printed on materials to be distributed.
    4. Printed information may not advertise the sale of any service or product.
    5. Any event or program being advertised must be open to the entire Suffern Central School District community.
    6. All flyers should be translated into Spanish, as well as English.
    7. Organizations that do not meet the above criteria may not utilize the District to distribute printed materials.