Dual Language Program

  • Suffern Central offers the following Bilingual Education Programs for Multilingual Learners (MLLS):

    • Transitional Bilingual Education (TBE)
      • The program offers students of the same home language the opportunity to speak, understand, read and write in English while continuing to learn academic content in their home language. 
    • Dual Language Programs:
      • Students become bilingual, bilterate and bicultural while improving academic ability. Students receive a percentage of instruction in the home language and another percentage in English. 
    • One-Way Dual Language:
      • Students with same home language are taught instruction in both English and the primary home language (Spanish). 
    • Two-Way Dual Language:
      • Includes both native English speakers and MLLS. Students receive half of the instruction in their primary/home language and the remainder of the instruction in the targeted language (Spanish). Our goal at Suffern Central is to provide this opportunity to all our students starting in Kindergarten. 
    • English as a New Language (ENL):
      • Instruction emphasizes English language acquisition. Classes are taught in English using ENL strategies, using the home language as support. In a stand-alone ENL class, students receive English language development instruction taught by an NYS-certified teacher of English to Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL). This program services MLL students from different home/primary language backgrounds whose only common language is English.

    To read more about the required services for MLLs and learn about the specific amounts of time for stand alone and integrated instruction, click here.