•  Suffern Central Pre-Kindergarten - Where Mounties Imagine, Discover, and Grow

    Suffern Central School District’s Pre-Kindergarten Early Learning Program prepares children with the readiness skills to be successful throughout their school years and fosters a love of learning. The program focuses on social and emotional development, academics, physical development, and learning through play. It provides a loving environment where children feel safe, engaged, successful, and supported. The Early Learning Program is a place where our children are excited to learn, play, and grow.

    For the 2022-23 school year, Suffern Central will be offering two full-day Pre-K options and two 1/2 day Pre-K classes. They will be held at Cherry Lane and Viola Elementary Schools. 

    Suffern Central’s Pre-Kindergarten program features:
    • Highly qualified, vested SCSD teachers with experience in early childhood education
    • Classrooms that focus on social and emotional development, physical development, play, and academics
    • A safe and nurturing environment where children feel successful and supportive
    • Intentional teaching with thoughtful, purposeful centers
    • Use of multi-sensory teaching strategies, hands-on learning through exploration, and interactive read-alouds.

    The registration process for the 2023-24 school year will begin in January 2023. Children must be 4 by December 1, 2023, to register.