Elementary Report Cards

  • Suffern Central School District has updated its elementary school report card and rubrics to reflect the changes mandated by the new New York State standards and to provide parents, teachers, and students with more accurate information about students' progress. By monitoring the concrete skills and knowledge listed on the report card, we will know whether all students are being exposed to a consistent, viable curriculum, grades 1-5. We have also implemented a new Kindergarten report card and more information and a parent guide can be found here.


    Here are some things to look for with our new report cards:

    1. Reflect the new New York State Next Generation Learning Standards, as outlined here

    2. First through fifth-grade students are assessed using a numeric level system, 1-4. 

    3. Grades in core academic areas, encore areas and behaviors that support learning. 

    4. Teacher comments that support the numeric grading system. 

    5. Rubrics that provide a detailed explanation of how a student is graded. 

Accessing the Parent Portal


    All report cards are electronic and located on the eSchool Data Parent Portal. To access the portal or to set up a portal account, click here.

    eSchool Data's Parent Portal is also available as an app on your mobile device. Visit the app store and search "esd" for the eSchoolData education app. Once downloaded, sign into your account, click profile and your child's information should appear.

    Please note, the app is a "lite" version of the report card and does not show teacher comments.  

Elementary Report Card Parent Guide

To translate these documents, follow the steps below:

  • 1. After opening the document, select "tools" from the top left menu bar
    2. Select "Translate Document" and choose language 
    3. Click blue "translate" button to save a copy in chosen language