Elementary Education

  • elementary classThe program in our K-5 elementary schools focuses on teaching students how to learn. Children engage in learning experiences that often integrate across content areas that include literacy, mathematics, science, social studies, Spanish, physical education, art and music.

    The District strives to inspire students to read, develop a passion for writing and increase their ability to be attentive listeners and skilled communicators. A workshop model maximizes the benefits of differentiated small group instruction. Integrated units of study afford students rich opportunities to apply their literacy skills across disciplines.

    A constructivist approach to learning mathematics enables students to make meaning of numbers, shapes and data. A spiraling curriculum ensures strong conceptual development that anchors the advancement of skills. Applications of numeracy concepts and skills are embedded within STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics) units. These hands-on, minds-on experiences provide an authentic context for collaborative problem solving and innovation.

    Through the Foreign Language in the Elementary Schools (FLES) program, students begin learning Spanish in first grade. FLES incorporates grade-level social studies, math and science subject matter into Spanish lessons to reinforce the core curriculum while developing language proficiency. Exploratory units in Italian and French afford opportunities to learn about additional world languages that students may elect to study in our secondary schools.