• Erik Gundersen



    Superintendent of Schools

    Dr. Erik Gundersen
    Telephone: (845) 357-7783 Ext. 11229
    E-Mail: egundersen@sufferncentral.org
    Twitter: @egunder




    I am incredibly excited to be in the Suffern Central School District as your educational leader. My role is to ensure that we are following a vision for this community and that all students are benefiting from that vision and have what it takes to succeed.

    It’s my goal to create an atmosphere where everyone on the team (families, students, staff, teachers, administration) is playing well together and has the tools and mechanisms they need to be able to do their jobs so that students are learning and growing every day.

    Suffern Central School District has a wonderful reputation, and I’m here to ensure that it stays solid and is elevated even further.

    I look forward to getting to know you as our journey together unfolds.