Multilingual / Bilingual Education Department

  • Our goal for bilingual education is to create educated global citizens who are bicultural, biliterate, and bilingual, who possess strong critical thinking, problem-solving, and empathy skills, to actively participate in an ever-shifting and complex world. 

    ENL Department Contacts & Teachers

    District Office: 

    Patricia Balbuena-Rivera, Director of ENL & Equity
    845-357-7783 x11243

    Silvia Namnum, Bilingual Community Liaison

    Suffern High School:
    Robert Mariani
    Nancy Rodrigue
    Yan Garcia
    Kim Wojehowski
    Kendrick Madronero

    Suffern Middle School:
    Michelle McElhatton
    Emily Schoenbach
    Domenic Alonge
    Oscar Henriquez

    Cherry Lane Elementary:
    Jacqueline Camilo
    Joann Cangialosi
    Eric Nolan

    Montebello Elementary:
    Alison Metzgroff
    Danielle Ippolito

    RP Connor Elementary:
    Ian Lam
    Maha Husein

    Sloatsburg Elementary:
    Cerafina Rodriguez

    Viole Elementary:
    Eraina Collazo
    Amy O'Riordan

    Bilingual Classroom Teachers:
    Stephanie Rodriguez (Kindergarten)
    Kristy Torres (First Grade)
    Andrea Golden (Second Grade)
    Maritza Mendoza Maya (Third Grade)
    Anita Ciriello (Middle School)