High School Education

  • seven high school seniors smile Suffern High School students have many curricular options to choose from as they prepare for college and careers. Our comprehensive programs build upon a strong foundation of general knowledge and skills and enable students to develop specialized competency in areas of interest. Courses are offered in English, social studies, mathematics, science, world languages, visual and performing arts, technology, family and consumer sciences, and physical education. A robust athletics program and an array of extracurricular activities fulfill students’ broad range of interests.

    Twenty-seven Advanced Placement (AP) courses—from Studio Art to Environmental Science—are in place, in addition to other rigorous classes that are part of nationally- and internationally-recognized programs.

    Those interested in pursuing STEM-related careers may enroll in the four-year Pathway To Engineering (PTE) sequence, a Project Lead the Way program. PTE students build the organizational, technical, teamwork, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills they need to succeed in the global high-tech economy as they learn and apply the engineering process to address real-world problems.

    Students with college aspirations who feel that they would benefit from additional support may elect to take Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID) for the first time or continue the program they began in middle school. AVID is designed to help students become more successful by developing the critical thinking, organizational, study and educational self-advocacy skills they need to realize their academic potential.