• Instructional Technology

    In the late 1960s, instructional technology probably referred to audio-visual media, which included radio, television, and films. Of course, new technologies have found their way into the classroom, because when new technology becomes affordable, teachers will often try to find its potential to solve problems in education. Currently, SCSD embraces educational technology which includes both hardware like Smart Boards and software like Google Apps for Education.

    SCSD's specialist, John Resanovich, works with the district on technology and curriculum integration. He works closely with all levels of administration, teachers, staff and community members, fostering, developing and supporting numerous technology initiatives. He leads ongoing professional development to ensure the effective implementation of these initiatives. 

    Current Projects

    • Cloud-based curriculum integration (Office 365 and Google for Education)
    • Mobile device utilization for Windows-based laptops, Chromebooks and iPads
    • Computer-based assessment initiatives including NWEA MAP, STAR Renaissance, and Learning.comOpens in a new browser tab
    • Math and science software, Explore Learning and ALEKS
    • District website development and maintenance

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