District Emergency Information Guide

  • The Suffern Central School District is committed to providing a safe environment for students, staff and visitors. In the event of an emergency, it is important for parents and guardians to be familiar with the way the District prevents and manages emergencies. This guide outlines key information and terms that are helpful to know in the event of an emergency situation.


How Does the District Respond to a Wide Range of Emergencies?

  • Schools are required to engage in comprehensive emergency planning and training to prevent and manage emergencies in their buildings.  Emergencies may include facility failures such as a gas leak, accidents, medical emergencies, severe weather or an intruder in the school. The following protocols may be used individually or in conjunction with one another to respond to a wide range of critical incidents. 


When and Why Would the District Issue an Emergency Protocol?

  • In the event of an emergency situation, please be assured that the District has an emergency management plan in place and that District, school, and first responders will act accordingly.

    The District will provide ongoing information regarding the event, including specific instructions for parent/student reunification if necessary, as soon as possible through our Mass notification system, which alerts families through phone calls, emails and text messages. We will also post updates on our District app. Updates may also be posted on the District website and social media pages. 


What are the Daily Security Measures Parents Should be Aware of?

  • Please note standard operating safety procedures require all exterior doors to be locked at all times. Visitors must provide a government-issued photo ID, which will be scanned into the Visitor Management Database prior to building entry. Staff are required to wear photo identification while on campus. 


What to do After an Emergency

    • It is important to remain calm, as children are greatly influenced by their family's sense of well-being.

    • Provide reassurance that your child is safe.

    • Families need to be compassionate listeners when their children speak of the crisis. Listen to and acknowledge your child’s concerns.

    • Please seek help from the school, District, or other mental health professionals if you/your child have any concerns.

How You Can Help

  • People who are at risk of hurting themselves or others often show warning signs before an act of violence takes place. If you see something that doesn't seem quite right, parents and students are encouraged to report their concerns to Anonymous Alerts.  Additional information on accessing additional resources can be found on our website as well as the  DHS Website, APA Website

    Make sure your child's emergency contact information is up-to-date and accurate. If your child requires medication, please be sure it is supplied to the school nurse.

    Parents SHOULD NOT respond to the school building during an emergency.  Doing so can greatly interfere with the efforts of emergency responders to manage the incident.

    Please do not call the schools. In a crisis situation, school phones are needed to manage the situation and lines must remain open. Please also refrain from calling or texting your child. Staff and students are discouraged from using cell phone communication for safety reasons.

    Review with your child any alternative arrangements you have made in case an emergency prevents you from being home or picking up your child.

    The Suffern Central School District is committed to providing a safe environment for students, staff and visitors. The District works closely with area law enforcement, Fire, EMS, so that our schools are well-prepared in the event of an emergency. Each school conducts several drills throughout the school year to help students and staff prepare for possible emergencies. Each year, the District's Emergency Plan is reviewed and updated. The District-Wide School Safety Plan is posted on the District website. Please note that Building-Level plans are confidential for security reasons.