World Language Department
  • At Suffern High School we believe that the need to be able to communicate in at least one language other than English is more than an academic requirement for our learners. It is a 21st-century skill that every student needs to possess in order to succeed in this global and multicultural world. For this reason, we make language learning one of our priorities in order to equip our students for the future. 

    Students have an opportunity to study French, Italian, and Spanish.  All languages are available in a four-year sequence, including Advanced Placement and college credit-bearing courses. Additionally, a two-year sequence in American Sign Language is offered, with an additional third year offered as an Independent Study.    

    The study of World Languages includes both linguistic and cultural objectives. The linguistic objectives at the high school level include the development of intermediate to advanced proficiency targets in reading, writing, listening and speaking. The cultural objectives include the recognition of different perspectives, products and practices from the target cultures and exploration of how the products and practices may form these different perspectives, or vice versa. 

    Our department-developed curriculum is aligned with NYS and ACTFL learning standards, allowing all students to engage with authentic materials from a variety of sources.

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