• Click below to learn more about the  Social Studies course offerings. All students must earn at least four credits in Social Studies to graduate.

General Program Information

  • Regents Courses

    All students must successfully complete four credits of Social Studies instruction to be eligible for a Regents diploma.  Course advancement is usually based upon students passing the preceding year course and Regents exam, if applicable, or securing approval of the department chairperson.

    Honors Level, Advanced Placement (AP) and College Level Courses

    Students are generally admitted to these advanced level courses based upon standardized test scores, past academic performance, teacher recommendation, and departmental and administrative approval.  A minimum class grade (unweighted) of “A” (90%) is usually required for initial consideration of course admittance and continuation in the program.  Students are required to take appropriate AP exams and are responsible for all fees associated with AP/college level courses.  Colleges/universities vary in how they award and/or accept college transfer credit earned by high school students.  It is strongly urged that students familiarize themselves with the college credit acceptance and transfer policies of the colleges/universities they wish to attend prior to considering enrolling in a college credit course offered at SHS.  Final determination of course placement resides with the school.